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Official dictionary? ..and more

Official dictionary? ..and more

Postby jenbuc on Fri Feb 12, 2010 9:48 am

Im wondering if there's any official Twi dictionary, I'm tierd of getting conflicting information from different sources. I love this page tho, I'm looking forward to a grammar section.

I'm going to Ghana for more then a minute, and I'm trying to learn how to build sentences. So I tried to translate "I'm laughing at you", I translated it using dictionaries and got "Me serew ano wo", then I sent someone a message asking if it was correct and - as usual - the person didn't understand anything(it's the same whoever I ask)... The reply I got was that it's supposed to be "mi siri wo", so is that what it's supposed to be or is it a pidgin way of saying it? As a european and with the three european languages I know, I want to have a preposition in there...

Greateful for a reply.
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Re: Official dictionary? ..and more

Postby Admin on Sun Feb 14, 2010 1:19 pm


I can only tell you that the grammar rules for Twi are different from the grammar rules for English, so don't expect success in translating a sentence simply by translating each word. does not have a grammar section (and probably will not have one anytime soon) but you can learn a lot by using the search feature of the dictionary to study how words are used in Twi sentences. For example, you could search for words/phrases such as "laugh", "eating", "sleeping", "eaten", "I am", "He is", "We are", etc. and compare the structure of the sentences in the search results.

And here's a tip... when searching for sentences which contain "eaten", add a space before it like this " eaten" so that you don't get sentences containing "beaten".

My experience with the "official" dictionaries is that there is bound to be conflict between them because Twi is mainly a spoken language as opposed to a written one. Best option is to find someone who can speak the language fluently... failing that (or in addition to that) get as many "official" dictionaries as possible, compare the entries to see where they agree and where they differ. Take your time to master it gradually and don't be in too much of a rush because there is a lot to learn.


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