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It was his dad who called me

It was his dad who called me

Postby ShaneUQ on Mon Jun 19, 2017 12:40 pm

The ones that need to pay for it, well lets just say there’s usually a reason for it. You don’t usually get a young Brad Pitt. Fat, thin, spotty, ugly, it doesn’t matter to me, I enjoy their enthusiasm, their inexperience, the look on their face the first time they cum inside a woman, rather than their hand. This is the story of one of my clients.

It was his dad who called me. He had been given my number by a friend of his, who had gotten it of someone else, in a chain of suburban tattletale. He told me his son was very shy, had no confidence with women, and he thought I could give him that. I met him at his house one afternoon when the kid was out to finalise the details. Doug was there with his wife Anna, a typical middle class family in a typical middle class house. Their son Billy had his birthday coming up on Friday. I was to turn up at 7pm, they would have gone out and I was to seduce their son and fuck some confidence into him. That would be no problem, it was making me horny just thinking about it. They paid me the money and showed me a photo of Billy. He was quite sweet, nerdy looking, but in a cute way. I was looking forward to Friday!
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