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English Note Type Twi Pronunciation Sound Entry
aarticlebi 2219
aarticleɔ 2884
aebi 5149
a bad mannounɔbanimmone 6898
a bad mannounɔbone 9635
a bad wordnounasɛmbone 9636
a bar of ironplural adabanɔdaban 11399
a bar of leadadabamparew 11400
a barren womannounɔbaabonin 6759
a barren, unfruitful woman or beastnounɔbonin 9637

Pronunciation Guide

Letter(s) Pronounced Like Twi Example Sound
a the a in amp, art, axe ampa
an the a in hyena, yoga, zebra (when it appears at the end of a word the n is silent) ntaban
dw the j in joke, jump, just maadwo
e the ay in day, hay, say kube
ɛ the e in bet, get, set
gy the j in joke, jump, just (similar to Egypt) agya
hw the sh in sheep, ship, shun hwɛ
i the e in he, me, she daabi
ky the ch in charm, chief, chop maakye
o the o in okay, over, toe amango
ɔ the o in drop, hop, plot ɔsɔfo
tw the word chew twi
u the u in blue, flu, true kwadu